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3 tips for saving water and keeping your lawn green this summer

The summer can be a tough time for lawns and water bills too!

At a time when we're all trying to reduce our environmental impact, using litres of mains water to keep lawns green through hot dry spells can feel pretty wasteful, not to mention expensive.

The occasional soaking to hold off the worst effects of drought may be necessary but there are things we can do to help our lawns without using a drop of extra water.​

Wet grass

1. Raise the cutting height of your mower

Longer grass during the summer months is a great way to naturally trap and preserve moisture. By giving the roots and soil more shade you'll reduce evaporation and the longer grass means there's a greater surface area for dew and other sources of water to cling to

2. Mulch clippings instead of collecting them

Remove the collection bag from your mower and let the cut grass stay where it falls. This will create a protective barrier for the roots and soil as well as help to trap more moisture

3. One big soaking is better than lots of small sprinkles

Resist the temptation to preserve your perfect lawn during a drought if you can. By giving the grass a good soak (2-4 cm) only when it really needs it you'll ensure that the lawn bounces back quickly.

Once a week is all it'll take to keep things ticking over and the best time of day to water your lawn is in the morning. The evening is ok too but the main times to avoid are between roughly 9am - 6pm. You'll waste too much water to evaporation during the day and can also burn the grass (the droplets act like millions of tiny magnifying glasses!)

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