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Available for customers on monthly maintenance plans only.

Whenever possible we mow at the end of the week so that you can enjoy your lawn over the weekend.



Treatment plans are available including moss and thatch removal, seasonal feed and weed formulas, patch repair, overseeding and more.

Click here to read our lawn treatment explainers.

New Lawns, Lawn Treatments and Lawn Repairs 

Our lawncare services cover everything from laying new lawns to regular mowing, seasonal treatments and lawn renovationsIf you're not sure what's needed then book a free quote and we'll advise on the most appropriate services for your new or existing lawn.

When booking a quote don't forget to ask for a copy of our lawncare guide:

  • Monthly advice for looking after your own lawn

  • Explanation of treatments and why they work

  • Tips for saving water and keeping your lawn greener

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